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2011 Graduates Transition to Active ADHA Membership
Congratulations on your recent graduation! Once you're a licensed registered dental hygienist, you qualify for active membership at no additional cost. As an active member, you'll be able to explore your career options, increase your professional edge, and get discounts on professional items such as loupes, books, scrubs, car rentals and insurance, just to name a few. Remember: transition to active membership once you receive your license.

Reminder: You can log in to your member's only account at to view your current membership status. You can access your account 24/7. Once logged in, click the pay my dues now tab to bring your membership current through.

New Addition to Your Online Membership Account Available!
We are proud to introduce a new addition to your online membership account. All members will now be able to view or print an online version of their current ADHA membership card. This can be accessed by logging in to your member's only account by visiting Once inside, you will see an option for "Membership Card" on the left hand side. 

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Membership Categories
Active Members: Any dental hygienist who holds a license to practice dental
hygiene in the United States and agrees to adhere to hold membership in a
Constituent and a Component if one exists where the member is licensed,
practicing or residing and who agrees to adhere to the Bylaws and Code of

Life Members: Application must be made by a Component to the CDHA Board of
Trustees by January 1. Eligible members shall meet qualifications found in
the CDHA Bylaws. Dues for CDHA and component are waived.

Retired/Senior Members: Upon application to ADHA having reached the age of
sixty-two (62) and having been an Active Member for (1) at least 25
years,(2) or 20 consecutive years, (3) or continuously from the date of

Members With Disabilities: Upon application to ADHA, any dental hygienist
unable to be employed due to disability.

Student Members: Upon application to ADHA, any student in an accredited
dental hygiene program, or a graduate pursuing an additional degree
complementary to a career in dental hygiene.

Supporting Members: Upon application to ADHA, any licensed dental hygienist
who is not employed in a dental hygiene-related career and who agrees to be
a member of CDHA and a Component and to abide by the Code of Ethics.

Allied Members: Upon application to ADHA, any individual who supports the
purposes and mission of the Association and who is not otherwise qualified
for any other class of membership.

International Members: Upon application to ADHA, any licensed dental
hygienist residing outside the United States who agrees to abide by the Code
of Ethics.

Benefits of Membership

Communications: Members receive
*CDHA Journal and State Report Newsletter
*ADHA's The Journal of Dental Hygiene and
*ACCESS news magazine


Continuing Education:
*Component CE
*CDHA sponsors Scientific Sessions in the Spring and Fall
*CDHA House of Delegates morning CE
*ADHA sponsored On-line computer CE


Employment Referral:
*Santa Barbara offers a referral program to help bring dental hygiene opportunities to the attention of member hygienists looking for employment.
*CDHA and ADHA offers member employment opportunities through its Web site.


Scholarship Assistance :
*Financial help for students and researchers is available to members who qualify. Information on scholarships can be found at ADHA. Click on Students and then click on Scholarships.


Liberty Mutual Casualty Insurance:
*For a free, no-obligation quote, call 1-800-524-9400. Or contact: Mike Segur 1-800-821-0967 ext. 2213, Fax 916-564-2061


Disability Insurance:
*Contact Julie Hatcher, from Guardian Insurance at 916-569-3914 or for information.


Theme tickets/consumer discounts:
*Through CDHA, members can download & mail request form to receive their coupons and cards.
*ADHA members are eligible for discounts on long distance telephone service and car rental in addition to competitively priced credit card programs.


Exclusive Membership Rights:
*Only CDHA members may receive ADHA/CDHA/ Local Component benefits. Only members may serve in voluntary and elected positions.


*Members receive expert representation on employment and professional issues before state regulatory agencies, the state legislature, the U.S. Congress and, if necessary, in court. Representation is provided by legislative advocates, consultants and lawyers with expertise in representing dental hygienists.